Moh Swee Chuan

Moh Swee Chuan has been doing trading businesses, including wholesale and retail, for more than ten years. The products that he is distributing range from beauty and wellness to building materials, covering Asia and expanding into other regions such as Middle East and Africa. He forms strategic and business partnerships with locals and foreigners to establish a vast business and professional network. Tapping onto the network, he is looking to form an investment and consulting company to help SMEs to venture into overseas market, as well as helping foreign companies to setup in Singapore.

Sherman Foo

Since 2007, Sherman Foo wore the cap of founding partners in 3 separate bootstrap start ups that has achieved million in sales within the first to third year of inception. From the illustrious rise of tech gadget X-mini™ capsule speakers that chalked USD 20 million of sales in almost 100 countries worldwide in just 4 years, to wearing the cap as CEO of a start up creative agency that expanded quickly into KL & India within 3 years, and to founding and launching his own start up restaurant concept that grew into 3 outlets and sold for over a million dollars in just 20 months of inception.